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PICASSO GHANA MULTIMEDIA is known for the various range of services. The company has a team for each service under-listed.
i.   Marketing Services (Product Promotion, Market Activation, Special Promo, etc.
ii.  Professional Graphic Design and Commercial Printing (Posters, Banners, Bill Boards, Magazines, T Shirts, Stage Design and Setup, etc.)
iii. Supply and Installation of Queue Management Systems, Fire Alarm System, CCTV, Intruder Alarm Systems, etc)
iv.  Brands Management.
v. Billboard installation and Marketing
vi. General and Corporate Sales
We welcome all investors to invest in our BILLBOARD INSTALLATION AND MARKETS. This area of our business is very viable and will bring a very good returns on investment.

Billboards are one of the most competitive segments of the advertising industry, and operating a business that installs billboards and markets billboard advertising take a lot of research and clever planning. However, with that said, the profit potential for this business that markets billboard advertising is outstanding.

The billboard advertising industry works like this. A site to install a billboard is selected based on excellent street visibility and high traffic count, which is what we do. The owner of the building or land where the billboard is installed receives a yearly fee; the amount of money paid to the landowner is based on a percentage of the projected advertising revenues that the billboard will generate. Advertisers wishing to advertise on the billboard pay a one-time art fee to create the ad and a fee for the amount of time the ads are featured on the billboard. One billboard can generate upwards of $10,000 or more each year.

We take this opportunity to call on investors who have interest to contact us for more clarification and further discussions. Thank you.
                      +233 246 859 281 | +233 206 952 383 | [email protected]